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Welcome to the world of POTHEADS, a vibrant and spirited community powered by the $WEED token. These lovable characters find joy in the art of cannabis consumption, embracing its uplifting and enhancing qualities. They believe in harmonious coexistence, productivity, and making a positive impact on their communities. With the $WEED token's utility, in the future, POTHEADS can enjoy seamless payment acceptance in cannabis stores and online platforms, making their cannabis experiences even more convenient and enjoyable.


But that's not all, man. As a token holder, you'll have exclusive access to a range of POTHEADS merchandise and NFTS, embracing the unique brand and celebrating the love for cannabis culture. From custom-designed grinders and rolling trays to cozy apparel and reggae-inspired gear, you can showcase your pride as a part of this whimsical community. Together, the POTHEADS redefine what it means to embrace the blissful world of cannabis, spreading love, happiness, and a relaxed way of life with unity and creativity at the core. Join this magical journey and let the magic of the marijuana leaf intertwine with a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the chill existence of the POTHEADS.

Who are the potheads?

The term "Potheads" has transformed into a positive representation of individuals who responsibly engage in legal marijuana use. These animated characters embody fun, unity, and community, celebrating the benefits of cannabis. They go beyond personal enjoyment, actively uplifting their communities through charitable endeavors. Inclusivity is at the core of the POTHEADS' values, fostering acceptance and diversity. In their world, stereotypes are shattered, and open-mindedness prevails. The POTHEADS exemplify the positive aspects of legal marijuana use, promoting unity, having fun, and making a difference through UTILITY BASED ACCEPTANCE.

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Market cap


Dude, let's introduce you to the epic crew behind POTHEADS, the project that's taking the pot industry to a whole new level, man! This lit team brings a wicked combo of passion and expertise, crafting a mind-blowing ganja universe like no other. From the creative wizards sparking lovable characters to the tech gurus ensuring a trippy user experience, each member adds their stoner magic to the mix, dude. Together, they're blazing new trails, creating a universe that celebrates the love for cannabis with a mega dose of laughs and good vibes. Get ready to meet the ultimate dream team that's turning POTHEADS into a mind-blowing adventure you won't wanna miss, bro! 

Breezy Bud

Weedovation Wizard

Lady Dankington

Chief Budtender

Bud Mcpuffin

Cannbiz Promoter


ganja Advisor

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Dank Differentiators: The Unique Essence of $WEED

No Taxes
utility focused
No Rug & Renounced Contract & Liquidity Locked
Community Driven
Transparency and Trust
fair distribution
Step 1: Light Up Your Wallet

First things first, you need to spark up a compatible Ethereum wallet to hold your POTHEADS MEME tokens. We recommend toking on either MetaMask or Trust Wallet, dude. They're super user-friendly and keep your stash secure.

Step 2: Stock Up on Ethereum

To get your hands on POTHEADS MEME tokens, you gotta have some Ethereum in your wallet, man. You can score some Ethereum on popular crypto exchanges like UNISWAPCoinbase, Binance, or Kraken. Just load up your crypto stash, and you're ready to roll.

Step 3: Roll Up Some WEED

Now the fun part, bro! Head over to a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap OR FLOOZ to swap your Ethereum for those sweet POTHEADS ($WEED) MEME tokens. Just enter the amount of Ethereum you want to trade, and confirm the transaction. Puff, puff, pass the tokens, my friend.

Step 4: Spark It Up and HODL

Now that you're holding your POTHEADS MEME tokens, it's time to sit back, relax, and HODL like a true stoner. Keep those tokens safe in your wallet and watch as the community and value grow. Remember, the higher the HODL, the higher the potential rewards. Enjoy the ride, my fellow pothead!

Join the Smoke Session:
How to Get Your Hands on POTHEADS

token contract address:


Max Supply
🌿 ​​ Blazing through the cosmos with a mind-blowing supply of 420.690T WEED

🌿  8% for CEX Listings, Marketing, Liquidity, and Burn
🌿  2% for Team Distribution
🌿  10% ​for driving utility adoption and practical use
🌿  80% as the Circulating Supply

Transaction Fee
🌿  0% fee that won't harsh your mellow (No taxes)

Audit and Security
🌿  taking it to the next level with a contract that's been renounced faster than you can say "pass the joint.
🌿  Safeguarding the cosmic flow, igniting trust, and elevating the stoner vibes to new heights by locking liquidity
🌿 ​The audit is on its way, making sure we're as secure as your favorite stash spot

How to Grow your Stash
OPTION 1: GRIND WEED + ​ethereum (ETH) into LP TOKENs and stash

Grind up some weed and ETH, stash it in the liquidity pool, and earn from those righteous transactions.

 Get started guide

Grind up some weed and TKP, stake it, and not only enjoy earnings from transactions but also score extra weed from our groovy cannabis farm.

get started guide
option 3: get rewards from community giveaways

Get in on the community action, be an active member, and participate in our mind-blowing giveaways. It's like getting high on good vibes and scoring free greens, man.

Get started guide

We'll keep dropping more mind-blowing ways to grow your greens as time goes on. Stay tuned, stay lifted, and let the stash keep on expanding. We're on a never-ending journey to elevate our stash, bro!


Alright, my fellow stoners, let's take a chill journey through the roadmap. Picture this: a roadmap that guides us through a cosmic adventure in the world of NFTs. We'll start with the Pre-Mint Event, where the specifics will be unveiled as we get closer. It's like taking a hit and feeling the anticipation build. From there, we'll blaze our way through exclusive NFT drops, early access to limited editions, and special whitelists. It's a trippy ride filled with unique rewards and mind-bending experiences. So, grab your stash, roll with the roadmap, and let's explore the NFT universe together, one high at a time.


Share, Connect, Ignite!

Share your dankest memes or craft your own to ignite laughter and good vibes far and wide. We'll spotlight the finest creations on this page, inviting fellow tokers to revel in the humor and share the good times. So prepare to flaunt your meme skills, bond with fellow stoners, and cultivate an ever-expanding collection of shared laughter within the glorious POTHEADS realm!

Light Up Responsibly, Entertainment-Focused Content

Our content is primarily for entertainment purposes, bringing good vi​bes and celebrating the stoner culture.

We do not guarantee or expect financial gains from our content or any digital assets.

Our token has a utility use case, aiming to make the token an industry standard and providing holder benefits.

Our mission is on fostering an inclusive and engaging environment for connection and sharing experiences.

Enjoy responsibly, stay informed, and respect others' perspectives.

Let's create a memorable journey filled with laughter, positivity, and a shared commitment to making a difference in the world, one toke at a time.


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High on transparency, $WEED tokes on AUDIT and KYC, blazing a trail in the blockchain realm

grind and farm
weed / tkp

first get weed / tkp lp
then farm the lp by staking it

 grind weed/tkp  farm weed/tkp